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How To Teach Yourself Piano: Indie Thinker's Workshop

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IndieThinkers invites you to join us for an interactive workshop on teaching yourself the piano with simple patterns, hosted by Daniel L. Garner. Daniel is an experienced piano teacher, musician, and the creator of the pattern method. Daniel also writes with his wife under O.G. Rose.


The Daniel L. Garner Pattern Method is a piano technique that will help you approach the music landscape with fresh confidence. 

Everyone has the capability to make their own music — and enjoy making it. 

Whether you’ve never touched a piano or are an experienced musician, the Pattern Method can liberate you to love playing music in ways you never thought possible. No music theory required.

For beginners, this tool will:

  • Erase the fear of failure: it will be like bowling alley bumpers are up on the piano

  • Help you see patterns on a keyboard instead of chaos

  • Provide you with bearings to know where to start

  • Free you to just play

For those with experience, the Pattern Method will:

  • Teach you how to improvise

  • Enable you to transition between keys instantly

  • Inspire you with new musical possibilities

Workshop Prep

There is a free ebook containing a chart with all the patterns, but no reading is required for the workshop. We would encourage you though to learn a bit about the method here and to check out Daniel’s YouTube channel.

If possible, you should either be prepared to use a keyboard during the session or have a tab open to a virtual piano to try out patterns yourself.

Other Benefits ​

You're likely to meet other interesting people working on projects related to the theme of the workshop. The IndieThinkers community includes authors, musicians, artists, academics and post-academics, bloggers, Youtubers, podcasters, engineers, and startup founders.