Standing Up for DE&I (for Practitioners)



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

In STANDING UP FOR DE&I, Jim Morris, author of the soon to be released book Gaslights and Dog Whistles (release on August 9) will help the audience create their own strategies to effectively engage in dialogue with people who are choosing to go along with fiction over facts when it comes to DE&I.

This Webinar is for...

  • DE&I professionals who facilitate and teach DE&I regularly

  • Anyone who feels unsure how to defend/justify DE&I learning or Critical Race Theory with Skeptics

Session Objectives

  • Learn what Critical Race Theory is, and isn’t, and become comfortable talking about it.

  • Make a shift from debating the topic to being curious and clear about your opinions on this topic, and how to share them

  • Develop your own strategy for defending the real history of systemic oppression and disadvantage in the U.S. and how to talk about it

Don't be Caught Unprepared

Since the claim that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is divisive and deleterious to the cultural fabric of the U.S., public school administrators and teachers, parents, corporate leaders, advocates and professionals working in support of diversity, equity and inclusion have been caught flat-footed when trying to respond to false or injurious claims from CRT skeptics/detractors. They even have a handbook to help them. Now we do too.