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Nailing user acquisition in LatAm | Latitud Nights

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Check your knowledge of User Acquisition (and add to it) with Courtney McColgan, the kick-ass founder of Runa. 

Courtney will be joined by Latitud co-founder Gina Gotthilf, to guide us through:

  • ​How to build acquisition loops 

  • ​The correct way to evaluate the success or failure of your tactics

  • Tips for your growth team 

  • ​Paid acquisition vs organic acquisition

​Courtney McColgan has grown B2C and B2B companies in stages from pre-seed to series D. She started her career in investment banking and was an entrepreneur in residence at Morgenthaler. Then, helped Cabify reach every corner of LatAm as their CMO, having scaled it to 120 cities across 13 countries. 

Now as the Founder and CEO of Runa, she's building the #1 HR software for companies in Latin America. Runa has raised north of US$ 40M and customers include names like Nubank, HSBC, and Greenpeace.

​Join us for an evening packed with growth lessons for your journey. ✨


What is Latitud Nights?
A space for any early-stage or aspiring founder to get tons of actionable insight (as much as one can fit in one hour) on some of the main topics necessary to building startups. We're starting off with monthly remote events, always with a high-caliber founder, investors or tech operator joining us as speakers.

Can anyone join?
Yes! It's also virtual and gluten-free, you just need to hit that Register button.

I already know everything about User Acquisition, when is the next one?
You can sign up here to get updates about the next Latitud Nights (plus some really cool content).

Why is it called Latitud Nights if I'm in Mexico and it's only 5pm here?
Stop asking hard questions, Alberto.

See you then! 🤗