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The Cathedral and the Lyceum: Building Course Networks on Urbit

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In previous months, we explored the significance of programmable money on Urbit, and the new economics of community on Urbit.

This month, I'd like to explore one specific mode of mobilizing the "Code + Content + Capital" we analyzed last time.

That specific mode is courseware. Specifically, I would like to explore the 19th-century Lyceum movement, a decentralized public lecture circuit where some of America's greatest thinkers earned their livings. In some ways, the burgeoning world of rogue academics and independent creators today feels like the old lyceum network. But in other ways, it pales in comparison. What are the current impasses and what needs to be built to unleash another great lyceum movement?

We'll be joined by Trent Gillham, founder/CEO of the Holium company building a desktop application for communities on Urbit. He'll share his perspective on creator DAOs and how Holium aims to build lyceum infrastructure for the digital era.

This open Zoom call is for software devs, crypto devs, creators, and capital allocators interested in what we're doing.

There will be ample time for questions and discussion, next steps, etc.