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Generate Dynamic Forms with JSON Schema in ToolJet

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​The simplicity of building forms with ToolJet has been enhanced with the introduction of the dedicated form component. This component now boasts an additional ability - the dynamic generation of fields based on a provided JSON schema.

This added capability to the form component is designed to facilitate the creation of more sophisticated and tailored apps with ease. In this community call, we will delve into the various aspects of constructing dynamic forms with ToolJet. Please join us as we explore this topic in detail. there,

Here’s the plan

  1. Product updates and July Recap

  2. Overview of ToolJet's Form Component

  3. Decoding JSON Schema for Dynamic Forms

  4. Navigating Form Data Handling

  5. Implementing server-side pagination

  6. Dynamic Forms Generation using Queries

  7. Exploring Field Validations and setting events on the Form

  8. Building a sample app using dynamic forms

  9. Q&A session to ask questions and gain further insights

​See you there!