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Q&A: How Collaborative Writing Can Transform Your Writing Practice w/'s Stew Fortier

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How might collaborative writing help improve your writing and accelerate your career and impact? 

Meet Stew, the co-founder of, a collective of writers, editors, and experts passionate about helping hobbyist and indie writers write better stuff. 

Join us for a Q&A with Stew about how Foster is transforming how writers edit each other’s work, lessons learned on successful creative collaboration, plus an under-the-hood peek at Foster’s writing app.


Foster offers world-class editing and collaboration for every type of writer and team.

As a community of writers, editors, and experts, they foster ideas from conception to publication. Foster's members improve their writing in two ways: first by writing and second by collaborating. They write original work and ask for the input of others, and they contribute when other members invite input.

About Stew Fortier

Stew Fortier is entrepreneur who launches startups in frontier industries: cannabis, artificial intelligence, and now, online writing with

He shares his hard-earned lessons and musings on Substack, focuseing on a handful of related themes: reimagining what our careers can be, striving, and how we can leverage the Internet to accelerate our careers and impact. He sends his best writing to the 2,900+ people on his email list here.

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