Cover Image for [Webinar] Google Zanzibar for the rest of us
Cover Image for [Webinar] Google Zanzibar for the rest of us
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[Webinar] Google Zanzibar for the rest of us

Hosted by francesca krihely, stephie & Greg
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Google’s Zanzibar is a centralized authorization system that powers hundreds of Google's apps. It's both an amazing feat of engineering and a common reference architecture, but it is not the only approach to authorization. In particular, its data model can create significant challenges for organizations that don't have Google's technology stack and culture.

In this virtual event we’ll review core design decisions of Zanzibar and discuss their implications. At the end you’ll have a much better understanding of Zanzibar, including which elements of this reference architecture work best for you! You will learn:

  • All about the reference Google Zanzibar architecture

  • How Zanzibar achieves consistency by centralizing data

  • Techniques for mitigating the challenges introduced by the Zanzibar data model

We recommend reading our recent post on Zanzibar, "Zanzibar for the rest of us" before joining the event.

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