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Town Hall Meeting

Hosted by Ramses Oudt
Past Event
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Logseq is a free and open source project, which means that you have a voice in how it's shaped. Not only do we invite everyone to give feedback on the product, we also welcome everyone who wants to directly contribute code or content to make Logseq easier to use.

On Wednesday, June 8th, we're hosting a public town hall meeting. Bring your questions and suggestions so we can make this a learning opportunity for everyone who is building Logseq. We want to hear how we can improve both the product and the community processes around it. Do you think that asking for new plugins or reporting bugs is a hassle? We want to hear how we can make your life easier!

This session will take place in the auditorium channel in our Discord and will be recorded. The recording will be posted to the #announcements channel the week after the event.