Cover Image for Bruno Lowagie, Open Source Success Story
Cover Image for Bruno Lowagie, Open Source Success Story
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Bruno Lowagie, Open Source Success Story

Hosted by Blake Bertuccelli-Booth & 11:11 Philosophers Group
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From Concept Through Cashout: An Open Source Entrepreneur's Journey

Bruno Lowagie's journey to business triumph through Open Source software, iText, is a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess. As detailed in his book "Entreprenerd," which chronicles the inception, growth, and eventual sale of his company, Bruno's story is a captivating narrative of perseverance and vision. Join us on May 17 at 11:11 CST as we explore Bruno's insights and the invaluable lessons gleaned from his remarkable journey to success, spanning entrepreneurship, writing, investment, and environmental advocacy.

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This discussion is organized by 11:11 Founders Group, a project of 11:11 Philosophers Group. We are a New Orleans-based group of creative individuals who meet on the first Friday of every month at 11:11 CST. We also offer resources for founders in all stages of business development. From workshops to mentorship and connections to financial leaders, we are working to build sustainable organizations that make our world better. 

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