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Study Group: Low Code Community Flows

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Bryan Robinson
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Orbit Study Groups are hands-on learning explorations that explore various topics and tactics in the world of community building. Led by Erin Mikail Staples and Bryan Robinson — these events are open to community builders of all levels.

Low Code Community Flows

In this study group — attendees will learn no code and low code flows to help simplify their day-to-day operations in the world of community building. We’ll also explore popular tools and tactics that community builders use to improve their day-to-day.

We’ll cover workflows like:

  • Logging meeting notes + customer calls

  • Understanding community segments

  • Community Introductions + Onboarding

  • Sharing community wins

Tools include:

  • Zapier

  • Orbit

  • Luma

  • Discord

  • Slack

  • Glitch

  • Notion

  • Figma

  • and more!

Is there something you’d want to know how to do? What tools or workflows are we missing?

Share with us when you RSVP or in the Orbit Discord!