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The Futurists' Alliance NYC: Longevity Biotech, DeSci & Startup Cities

Hosted by Niklas Anzinger & 6 others
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The Futurists' Alliance is an initiative for cypherpunks, biohackers and techno-futurists

The important technological revolutions have already happened.

We could live longer, healthier lives, be 10x more wealthy, and use flying cars on-demand to get around.

These aren’t technical challenges. It’s old-world institutions that are holding it back.

​The Futurists Alliance is a group of people challenging the status quo, and aiming to accelerate the pace of innovation in key areas that haven’t seen much progress: biotech & longevity, crypto-finance and the world of atoms.

This is a networking event:

  • (15m) Keynote by Infinita VC

  • (15m) Keynote by VitaDAO

  • (30m) Q&A Discussion

  • (Open End) Open Networking

The topics of the conversation are the emergence of startup cities & network states, legal autonomy for the advancement of medical technologies & the science behind radically extending healthy human lifespan.

​The Futurists' Alliance is a joint initiative by Infinita VC, Minicircle, Healthspan Capital, Prospera Builders' Network, VitaDAO and more

The event space is provided by Free Agency. Free Agency is a game-changer for top and emerging talent in tech, providing professionals with Hollywood-style representation for the first time ever. Put simply, they manage “the business end” of their clients' careers, helping them find, win, and succeed at top-of-market roles.

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For background on the nexus between crypto, longevity biotech and startup cities, check out this interview with Sebastian A. Brunemeier from Healthspan Capital, with Laurence Ion from VitaDAO, or with Niklas Anzinger from Infinita VC