Cover Image for Spring Foraging with Tash from Avant Garden Life
Cover Image for Spring Foraging with Tash from Avant Garden Life
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Spring Foraging with Tash from Avant Garden Life

Hosted by Soul Collective Berlin
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During this workshop, Tash will guide you through gathering wild spring edibles and identifying medicinal plants in Treptower Park. We will discuss the importance of following the seasons, being in touch with nature, sustainable foraging practices, eating wild herbs and the impact these have on our health.

Following this first part of the session, Tash will lead a workshop on using your hand-picked products for preparing a personalized tonic, these will depend on the plants we find. To end the workshop we will enjoy a picnic together, learning how to use wild edibles while enjoying some local foraged foods and drink.

Sustainable, meditative, naturally medicinal, and healthy. 

Gathering plants from their natural habitats gives us another layer of connection with nature. There is something very grounding about collecting, preparing, and using plants that grow naturally in our surroundings. Like meditation, gathering allows you to be centered and in the moment. But there is something even deeper than this - a magical feeling that comes from the understanding of our symbiotic relationship with nature.

How to get there: We will meet at Avant Garden Laboratory: Moosdorfstr. 7 - 9, 12435 Berlin. Located at the end of Moosdorfstr. Turn right and then left into the backyard and walk straight ahead. After the big tree with the swings is a door with a window next to it, go through that door and upstairs. There will also be signs to direct you. Workshop starts at 11.00 sharp. Please be on time. 

S-Bahn: Treptow - the studio is about a 10 min walk through the park from there. 

Bus: Beermannstr. 194, M43, 166 also about 10 min walk.

To bring: A fabric tote bag, pen, paper and your curiosity. Tash will make a few things for the inside picnic but please bring something to add so we can have a lovely fest together!

Length of workshop: The workshop is 4 hours, but in some cases runs overtime so please leave adequate time for this. 

About Tash: ​Tash is the founder of Avant Garden Life. Australian-native but Berlin-grown, she is a qualified herbalist whose work combines traditional grassroots herbalism, back-to-the-land intuitive cooking, and plant and food-based art projects.


​This workshop is part of the "Stepping into Spring" workshop series curated by Soul Collective Berlin in collaboration with Vivobarefoot.

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All workshop participants will also receive access to a free online Vivobarefoot Human Potential course which provides simple natural health system techniques, teaching you how to rewild, reclaim and regenerate your life. 

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MOOS Space
Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435 Berlin, Germany
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