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Event Information

Event Information

This event is the first of Iterative's Southeast Asia Tour where will be going on journey speaking to founders from all over the region. In this tour we will be speaking to Bangladeshi (this event), Filipino, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese founders. If you are interested hearing from founders beyond this event click on the link below, to register for our sequential events.

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We believe that there is the potential for Southeast Asia to become the next Silicon Valley. However the fruition of this future is dependent on aspiring founders today to create it. Aspiring founders need to become current founders who build a network of founders among themselves in each country and the region as a whole.

Therefore we hope that by hosting this series of events we can be the starting point for aspiring founders to become actual founders and enable them to pull the region's potential into reality.

About Our Speakers

The speakers for this event are Kishwar Hashemee co-founder of Kludio and Ridwan Hafiz founder of GoZayaan. They are both from Bangladesh and are more than happy to share their experience and answer question from aspiring founders on how to navigate the startup life, and share pieces of advice on what they've learned along the way.

Kishwar Hashemee - Co-Founder of Kludio

Kishwar is currently pivoting Kludio into the stealth fintech startup space. Most people in Bangladesh today live pay check to pay check. Therefore to help improve the financial wellness of 170M Bangladeshis, Kludio is on a mission to bring financial peace for the fast growing working and middle classes in Bangladesh. Previously Kludio was a full stack cloud kitchen service in Dhaka. Come listen to a founder in the midst of his pivot to find out what it's like.

Ridwan Hafiz— Founder of GoZayaan

GoZayaan is a one-stop travel solution for Bangladesh travellers that has managed to thrive amidst the pandemic. Despite the hardships rained upon the travel industry due to COVID, GoZayaan was able to pivot from international to domestic travel and has since grown 10x during the pandemic and is still growing 30% MoM despite international borders not being fully open yet.

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