Cover Image for Open AGI Summit: Shaping the Future of Open AI
Cover Image for Open AGI Summit: Shaping the Future of Open AI
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Open AGI Summit: Shaping the Future of Open AI

Hosted by Sentient
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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
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Are you passionate about the future of AI and its potential to be open and decentralized? Join us for the next session of the Open AGI Summit at EthCC in Brussels. 

This event focuses on how AI and blockchain technology can work together to create an ethical, decentralized, and open ecosystem.

Official Partners: AWS, Polygon, Eigenlayer, with Sentient

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Tickets are complimentary and limited.  

What to expect:

  • Insightful discussions on the latest trends where AI meets Web3

  • Presentations from leading figures in the industry, including Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon

  • Support and insights from AWS experts

  • Opportunities to engage with innovative thinkers and leaders in the Web3 space

  • Deep dives into the journey towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the ethical quandaries we collectively confront

By attending, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how AI and Web3 technologies are evolving

  • Explore new ways to contribute to a decentralized future

  • Network with top industry professionals and like-minded enthusiasts

  • Learn about advancements and practical applications in these fields

Join us at EthCC and help shape the future of AGI

Hosted at The EGG, Brussels:

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AWS, Polygon, EigenLayer, Sentient


ORA, 0G Labs, Symbolic Capital, Aethir, TheoriqAI


gensyn, Space and Time, Talus, Olas, Bagel, Allora, Phala Network, Akash Network, Valence, Canonical Crypto, Atoma Network, Ritual


KXVC, dAGI House, Sahara AI

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12:30-12:45: Securing the Future Internet with AII - llia Polosukhin

12:50-1:20: Open v Closed AI - Anand Iyer, Mark Rydon, Sewoong Oh, Niraj Pant, Matthew Wang

1:25-1:55: Unlocking the World of Agents On Chain - Nihal Maunder, Ron Bodkin, David Minarsh, Ben Frigon, David Johnston

2:00-2:35: Deep Tech Building Panel - Brad Feinstein, Nick Emmons, Jake Brukhman

2:40-3:10: VCs on Decentralized AI - Sam Lehman, Joey Krug, Dovey Wan

3:15-3:45: Bridging Web3 and AI - Christoph Niemann, Calanthia Mei, Nader Dabit, Himanshu Tyagi

3:50-4:10: Open, Distributed, and Decentralized AI (Recording) - Colin Ruffel, Ludwig Schmidt, Atlas Wang

4:15-4:45: Building the Infrastructure for Open AGI - Itai Elizur, Bidhan Roy, Michael Heinrich, Mohamed Baioumy, Altan Tutar

4:50-5:15: Bridget Harris and Sandeep Nailwal

5:20-5:50: Ownership and Privacy in the World of Big AI - Zoe Meckbach, Anna Kazlauskas, Pramod Viswanath, DC Builder, Casey Caruso

5:55-6:10: - Juan Benet

6:15-6:45: Leveraging Incentives to Build AI with Your Community - Stepan Gershuni, Ben Fielding, Kartin Wong, Alexander Hicks, Greg Osuri

6:50-7:20: The Role of Verification in Open AGI - Tim Khoury, Hang Yin, Jason Morton, Stephen Hilton, Jorge Antonio

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
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