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A.I. LLM Journal Club

Hosted by Amir Feizpour & Ammar
Google Meet
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Aggregate Intellect ( invites to you to join us for our weekly paper discussions.

Sessions are not recorded to allow for more candid conversation, but notes from the sessions is collected in our LLM Open Book Project ( Feel free to contribute.

We will be going through these papers:

If you want to suggest a paper to be presented, message Amir on slack (, linkedin (, or [email protected]

On the last Friday each month we'll have a special session.

Suhas Pai, an NLP researcher and co-founder/CTO of Bedrock AI, a YCombinator-backed startup, is currently writing a book on designing LLM Applications with O'Reilly with a slated release date in mid 2024. As he finishes writing each chapter, he will join us to discuss the topics covered & the accompanying exercises and tutorials.

The first session will be an overview of the book, with each monthly session focusing on one (max two) chapters.

Those who stick around till the end can look forward to walking away with a holistic understanding on designing LLM applications & a community to bounce ideas.