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We will be bringing together some of the founders, developers, and executives who are building in the LLM space!


The economic impact of LLMs (Large Language Models), is significant and has both positive and negative aspects. According to a recent study [1], around 80% of the U.S. workforce could have at least 10% of their work tasks affected by the introduction of LLMs. This indicates that LLMs have the potential to automate and streamline various job functions, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

On the positive side, LLMs can provide organizations with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs and goals . They can be used to generate natural language requests and responses from various sources, such as customer signals and website data . LLMs also have the potential to be multi-modal, combining different types of input like images and text to generate output, making them valuable in a variety of contexts and use cases.

However, there are also challenges and risks associated with LLMs. One challenge is the requirement for significant hardware resources to operate LLMs, which may limit their accessibility to only a few labs in the world . Organizations also need to be aware of potential legal issues when using LLMs and take steps to mitigate risks. Additionally, the use of LLMs in production can be challenging, especially when it comes to retrieval and context size limitations.


Sessions will be in our usual format of presentation (25 minute) followed by discussion (25 minute)


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SEPTEMBER 25th (times are in ET):

12:00 Matt Fornito (Fractional & Advisory AI Executive); LLMs, Gen AI and Stakeholder Buy-in

SEPTEMBER 26th (times are in ET):

12:00 Matt McInnis (Founder @ Typist); Constructing Synthetic Datasets using LLMs

SEPTEMBER 27th (times are in ET):

12:00 Matt Lewis (Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer @ iNIZIO Medical); Role of Human Factors in Adoption of Generative AI in Life Sciences:

SEPTEMBER 28th (times are in ET):

12:00 Monish Gandhi (Founder @ Gradient Ascent); Generative AI and ROI

SEPTEMBER 29th (times are in ET):

10:00 Josh Seltzer (CTO @ Nexxt Intelligence); Eliciting Business Insights at Scale with Conversational AI

11:00 Abhi Anand (Data Scientist @ Wattpad); Challenges and Solutions for LLMs in Production

12:00 Amir Feizpour (Founder @ Aggregate Intellect); SHERPA - Open Source Project Update



Matt Fornito

Matt Fornito is a leading expert on deriving tangible value from data. He has worked with dozens of global F500 companies including Kaiser Permanente, Experian, and Charter Communications to build out strategic data and artificial intelligence (AI) roadmaps by prioritizing resources to maximize business outcomes. He has built a data science consulting firm as well as two AI practices at multi-billion solution integrators from scratch, being a top 5 global partner for HPE, Dell, VAST Data,, and NVIDIA (including winning NVIDIA’s Partner of the Year Award). Matt has a Masters of Science in industrial/organizational psychology from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and multiple undergraduate degrees in psychology, sociology, and leadership.

He has over 20 years of experience leveraging data for actionable insights and transforming cultures to be more data-driven. His insights and research have been featured in leading industry publications including CIO Magazine and Chief Data Officer Magazine. In addition to his executive and corporate work, Matt is a member of the Evanta CIO Council and mentors for data science bootcamps.

Empowering Economies with GenAI: Strategizing for Stellar Stakeholder Buy-In - In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Large Language Models (LLMs) stand as a frontier teeming with potential economic impacts that extend from individual enterprises to the global economy. Participants will be navigated through a data-driven narrative that illustrates the economic potentials harbored within the realms of GenAI. Incorporating a precise blend of market data and real-world examples, the keynote presentation elucidates a pathway to securing stakeholder buy-in, emphasizing clear communication and cohesive strategies that resonate with C-suite executives and venture capital directors alike. Be prepared to leave with a fortified understanding of the current market dynamics, armed with actionable strategies to champion AI initiatives within your organization and to the broader business ecosystem. Engage in a transformative dialogue and seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of fostering a culture that is receptive and ready for the GenAI revolution. Inspiring a proactive approach to the integration of LLMs in business operations with a focus on tangible, economic impacts, explore a roadmap to the future of economic excellence through AI integration, tailored for today’s industry leaders and change-makers.

Amir Feizpour

Amir is the founder of Aggregate Intellect (, a Smart Knowledge Navigator platform for teams in service and science based sectors. Prior to this, Amir was an NLP Product Lead at Royal Bank of Canada, and held a postdoctoral position at University of Oxford conducting research on experimental quantum computing. Amir holds a PhD in Physics from University of Toronto.

Sherpa - Update on our open source project using LLMs for knowledge curation in communities.

Josh Seltzer

Josh is the CTO at Nexxt Intelligence, where he leads R&D on LLMs and NLP to build innovative solutions for the market research industry. He also works in biodiversity and applications of AI for conservation.

Eliciting Business Insights at Scale with Conversational AI - LLMs have been rapidly adopted by the market research industry, with cascading impacts for both B2B and B2C businesses. In this case study, we look at a survey conducted to understand Canadians' opinions of federal party leaders, and show how conversations driven by LLMs lead to more considered responses and ultimately more actionable insights.

Monish Gandhi

Monish founded Gradient Ascent (GA) - a trusted provider of AI products, services, and solutions for non-AI companies within financial services, technology, industrial, and other sectors. He drives GA's customer-centric culture and brings his curiosity, passion for problem solving, and enthusiasm for technology to customers. Previously, he held product management, professional services, technical management, and sales roles at a number of fast growing technology companies. Monish often speaks at events and writes about the role of AI in business.

He has a masters degree in Finance and Financial Law (University of London) and an undergraduate degree in Systems Design Engineering (with Dean’s Honours) from University of Waterloo. In his free time, he loves to read, cook, and play tennis.

Generative AI and ROI - This talk will briefly discuss a number of case studies with a particular focus on cost and benefit related considerations as well as lessons learned related to multiple generative AI projects developed and deployed for customers: using GenAI for art generation, LLMs in production (vs internal usage), LLMs as a knowledge base.

Matt Lewis

Matt leads the Augmented Intelligence function across Inizio Medical. With 25 years of life sciences experience, Matt specializes in partnering with key stakeholders to speed time to decision leveraging artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, digital innovation and bespoke consultancy. He has deep expertise in oncology/hematology, neuropsychiatry and rare disorders and has contributed to the launch of over 60 treatments globally.

Matt Co-Chairs the AI Task Force at the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, co-authored the Declarative Statement on Artificial Intelligence for the Healthcare Communications Association, was the featured speaker in 2023 for the Medical Affairs Professional Society Executive Consortium, on Augmented Intelligence, and is the Executive Lead for Inizio Medical’s Business Employee Resource Group on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Adoption and Utilization of Generative AI in Life Sciences: The Role of Human Factors - Matt will be describing the challenges of getting from idea to implementation in a regulated industry (e.g. life sciences), how to scale GenAI-powered experimentation while still running a multi-million dollar business, and the paramount importance of human factors in ensuring success (above and beyond technological factors).

Matt McInnis

Matt is the Founder of Typist, an educational technology company aiming to help reduce the digital divide, a mathematician, programmer, data scientist and entrepreneur. Previously, he spent 7+ years as a college mathematics professor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (sessional) and later Centennial College where he was the recipient of the 2012 Top Academic Faculty Member as awarded by the Centennial College Board of Governors'. In 2016 he was recruited to IBM Canada as one of the Ai leads on the North American Open Source Team where he helped large enterprises develop their strategy around machine learning and build out their fist use cases, and later joined Microsoft as an Ai lead in the customer success unit working with top Microsoft clients to build and scale their Ai efforts. He is an active mentor, speaker, former member of the steering committee for the annual Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS), and volunteer on academic program advisory committees (PACs). He holds a BSc Mathematics, MSc Statistics.

Constructing Synthetic Datasets using LLM API Pipelines - This talk will detail our journey of building a popular feature in our upcoming product by leveraging LLM services and the resulting impact on our business. We will share examples of our initial exploratory analysis using ChatGPT's web UI through to our final API-driven pipeline using gpt-3.5-turbo and lessons learned along the way.

Abhi Anand

Abhimanyu Anand, who also goes by Abhi, currently works as a Data Scientist at Wattpad. He possesses a background in machine learning and statistics, with a specialization in the field of information retrieval and recommendation systems.

Throughout his career, he has contributed to multiple companies as well as the open source community by creating valuable and robust solutions through the application of AI and data.

Deploying LLMs in Production Environments: Challenges and Solutions - While LLMs have sparked innovation and creativity, moving from LLM prototypes to production-ready applications remains challenging. Join us as we explore the complexities of integrating LLMs into production environments. We'll discuss common challenges, including cost management and security, and explore solutions using open-source tools and third-party services to build robust, secure LLM-powered applications.


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