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LLamathon Stanford

Hosted by Murtuza (Matt) Haryanawalla & Emily Yuan
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About Event

Join us for a LLamathon at Stanford, a day-long event dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in Large Language Models and creating Generative AI solutions for Enterprise use cases. Hosted by LLama Labs and Picnic in association with Stanford, PlugnPlay, and TiESV, this event will take place on July 15, 2023, at StartX in Palo Alto, CA.

LLamathon Stanford is a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with like-minded professionals. The event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all focused on the latest trends and best practices in Large Language Models and Generative AI.

Whether you're a seasoned AI professional or just starting out, LLamathon Stanford is the perfect place to gain new insights, share your experiences, and connect with others in the field. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the conversation and help shape the future of AI. Register now to secure your spot!