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Llama Lounge, The AI Startup Event Series, Palo Alto

Hosted by Jeremiah Owyang
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Llama Lounge: The AI Startup Event Series

Join us for the 7th Llama Lounge, where we will focus on showcasing the AI Startup Ecosystem. This event marks our final gathering of the year, and we’re excited to announce that we are expanding to a larger venue – the iconic HanaHaus on University Avenue in the heart of Palo Alto. This venue offers an indoor atrium and an outdoor patio.


-430pm pre-event hosted by 500 Global across the street: register here: Investor & Founder Networking.

-Llama Lounge doors open 6:30pm.
-2 min kickoff: Jeremiah Owyang, event founder.
-2 min welcome: Yaad Oren, Hanahaus / SAP.
-10 min: “Blitzscaling AI Startups” by Chris Yeh, Blitzscaling Ventures.
-Meet with startups on the Demo Floor.

Food and Drinks provided by HanaHaus.
Drone Videography by Space Monkey.

Meet 11 AI Startups on the Demo Floor:

- Amotions: AI-powered upskilling & coaching
- Aomni: Actionable account intelligence for sales
- Bonni: Copilot for customer events
- Blueprint AI: Generate construction blueprints
- Chatsimple: Business chatbot made simple
- Miri: Top health expert coaching 24/7
- MultiOn: Your Personal AI Agent
- Noodle: AI + automations for solopreneurs
- Omniscience: Generate a book from a prompt
- Passio: Ready-to-deploy Edge-AI for enterprise
- Scenario: GenAI engine for gaming industry
Startups can apply to be featured on the demo floor at no cost:

Space is limited, so please RSVP now to secure your spot. Due to high demand and limited capacity, only registered attendees will be granted admittance. See prior photos of Llama Lounge events. No relation to Meta. Logo by Sightbox.

Attendee Makeup: Of the first 600 registrants:
- 322 are AI Founders/Entrepreneurs/Builders
- 97 are AI Investors
- 36 are Engineers/Developers focused on AI