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Teacher Series: Practice the Art of Listening

Hosted by Project Marigold
Past Event
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About Event

Learn a framework for deep listening and empathetic conversation

Take an hour with us to find some calm and relief as you return to school. Meet your teaching peers and and make new friends.

What you'll learn:

  • Three things to note to listen more deeply

  • How to reflect and respond without judgment

  • Practice your skills in an interactive experience

  • The calm and relief of a successful listening session

Who it's for:

All educators who want to build stronger connections with their students and teaching peers.

About Kyle

Our facilitator, Kyle Zamcheck is a communications coach who has conducted hundreds of listening sessions in the corporate and non-profit worlds. Her work focuses on improving emotional health through communication and listening skills.

Coming from a family of teachers, she is intimately close to the issues and challenges facing educators. We're are happy and honored to have Kyle lead the listening workshops for our teacher community at Project Marigold.