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Getting Started with IoT on Arduino

Hosted by Bolt IoT
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About Event

This is a live online session where Mr. Shobhit Kumawat of Bolt IoT will teach you to build IoT Projects with Arduino and Bolt. 

​Topics covered in the session:

  1. Introduction to Arduino

  2. Getting Started with Boltduino

  3. Controlling LED using Boltduino

  4. Introduction to DHT Sensor

  5. Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System using Bolt

Recommendation for the event:

It is recommended that you keep your Bolt IoT and ML training kit and Arduino with you during the session so that you could practice the projects as you go along.

This session is also a great way to get started with Arduino.

More about the trainer:

Shobhit Kumawat is a Community Manager Intern at Inventrom (Bolt IoT). He is also a 3rd year undergraduate from ECE at IIIT Nagpur. He is well-versed in C, Python, HTML, JS, and many more programming languages. He has also worked on an initiative named Logicful, in which He took free live hands-on workshops to help people gain skills in the field of IoT.