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Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Austin, Texas
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More and more people are working from their laptops today than 10 years ago and it is predicted that by 2035 there will be over 1 billion digital nomads around the world. Come join us for a fun interactive program that will cover what it takes to work from your laptop, build company after company, while traveling the world as a lifestyle all from the comfort of a café in Rome to a park in Sydney.

Each monthly meetup will cover different parts of the lifestyle that every digital nomad needs to be aware of, such as dealing with various forms of insurance to handling travel arrangements each time you move to managing your remote teams and lots more.

If you currently work remotely from a laptop for a company and want to branch out on your own or want to build your own companies from your laptop and fully embrace the lifestyle, then make sure to register for this event and bring all the questions you have about the lifestyle.

We will share lots of resources and ideas about what being a digital nomad is really like and debunk a few of the myths that people have about the lifestyle.

Fun fact: Austin is one of the top destinations that digital nomads visit around the world because of its huge tech scene.

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