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Implementation Call / Live Q&A

Hosted by Irene Anggreeni
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About Event

This call is for people who have attended my workshop/training/masterclass or have joined my coaching program.

On the fourth Thursday of every month, I offer a free, hour long, office hours call. You dial into Zoom and ask me anything you want. First come, first served. Two provisos: 1) The calls will be recorded and posted publicly to YouTube. 2) There will be a wee, two-minute, shameless plug for my Mentorship Program in the middle.

- This implementation call is invite-only and exclusive to people who have joined my training.
- Camera ON: it helps to build trust by being able to see each other.
- Safe space: speak from your own experience (use "I" statements), no judging comments, and no cross-talk.

By registering, you agree to all the above mentioned.