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Thursday Nights in AI: Linus Lee, Notion (by application only)

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San Francisco, California
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Doors open at 6. Fireside begins promptly at 6:30, so please arrive before to grab your seats. Food and drink will be provided. Thank you to our partners at Notion for hosting at their beautiful HQ!

Join us for a fireside chat with Linus Lee, who leads Notion AI.

About Linus Lee:  Linus is a researcher focusing on the future of knowledge representation and creative work aided by machine language understanding.  He is researching and prototyping AI applications in collaboration and knowledge tools at Notion. Before that, he was a Researcher in Residence at Betaworks and a software engineer at Replit, Hack Club, and Spensa. Over the years, he’s built over 100 side projects, from programming languages and compilers to 3D renderers, interactive learning environments, UI libraries, and a suite of personal productivity tools. Linus has also been writing about software since 2014. Check it out at his website

About Outset Capital: Outset Capital is led by Ali Rohde, Kanjun Qiu, and Josh Albrecht — AI practitioners investing in AI, deeptech, and the future of work. We back companies at the outset, and love to be the first check in.

About Generally Intelligent: Generally Intelligent is an AI research company building human-like general intelligence by evolving self-supervised architectures to tackle human developmental milestones of increasing complexity. And we are hiring!