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Having worked with thousands of performers over the years, Line has come to realise that great talent, great technique, great teaching, hard work and recovery potential count for nothing if the individual lacks the self-belief, confidence or motivation. Being overcome with anxiety, self-doubt and worry will also hamper a singer’s progress.

In this presentation, Line will delve into the origins of limiting beliefs, and how they impact the singer, their voice, health and performance. She will then introduce you to ways you can help a singer unravel the mindset obstacles that hold them, their health and their talent back.

About Line

Highly respected in the performing arts world, Line Hilton is a voice, performance and resilience coach. Her mission is to help people find their voice and build the confidence needed to explore their full potential so they can thrive, both at work and in life. 

Working with successful recording artists and singers who tour the world singing for a profession has given Line a unique insight into what it takes to develop and maintain a high and healthy level of performance, creativity and mindset. 

In addition to her private practice, Line is a BAPAM Educational Trainer on the multi-disciplinary team of Voice Care Centre, an Advisor for Vocology in Practice and a regular industry and HE guest speaker and teacher on the topics of mindset, resilience and voice care. 

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. MusEd (Jazz) Cl. Hyp, Wraw Master Practitioner.

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