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How do we use AI to upgrade our lives today? How can we think outside the box to weave AI into the fabric of daily, mundane human tasks? How can AI transform the routine, and redefine the familiar? From the morning wakeup to the pre-sleep HN scroll, envision a world where AI doesn't just exist on a single webpage, but seamlessly integrates, enhancing and enriching every moment.

This hackathon will be about building, shipping, and sharing our vision of how to think outside the box and level up daily life with AI. There isn’t one “best” way - we want to empower you to build with the stack that’s most relevant and interesting to you. Here are a few areas we are excited about:

  • Multimodal: How can we combine different data sources to improve understanding and performance?

  • Local Inference: How far can we push products on-device today?

  • Realtime Interaction: What is the future of AI products that can react to our environments in real time?

  • Streaming: How do we build products that leverage streaming data (i.e. audio, speech, video, financial data, etc.)?

  • Information Discovery: Solutions for better data visualization and search.

💻 Workshops: Throughout the day, we will host workshops from folks like Jerry Liu (LlamaIndex) and Jacob Lee (Langchain), as well as founders and operators from Cerebras,, LanceDB, and others.

🏆 Prizes: Lunch with CEO of Replit Amjad Masad, subscriptions to Cursor and Semianalysis, compute credits, Monocles from Brilliant Labs, and more….

👥 Judges:

Event details:

⏰ Time: doors open at 9:00am

📍 Location: (shown after registration approval)

🍻 Food & drinks: We'll be catering great food for hacking fuel! We'll also have a boba break mid-hackathon.

❓ Questions? Email Gwen ( or Linda at (

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