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Lido Institutional Liquid Staking Breakfast | CV Summit 2023 Side Event

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Join us for coffee and croissants to discuss how allocators and custodians today use stETH, a liquid staking standard for institutions

Institutional Liquid Staking in Practice

stETH is a liquid staking product currently used by some of the world's most prestigious allocators and custodians in the space.

Join us for a breakfast brown bag event to discuss case studies about how institutions and allocators today integrate stETH into their business models

Learn about and discuss:

  • How choosing to use stETH can help ensure Ethereum decentralization and economic value

  • What revenue models allocators and custodians build on top of stETH today

  • Discuss frequently asked questions around compliance

  • Review the available integrations and the ecosystem of applications that integrate stETH

  • Understand the benefits and risks to choosing a solution with deep organic liquidity

Side event to CV Summit 2023

Lakeside Gallery, Zug (across the street from Theaterkasino)

Artherstrasse 3, 6300 Zug

October 4th 2023 (Day 2), 10h00 - 12h00 (before the main events begin)


The event will be most useful for Allocators and Custodians but is open to any participant. Due to the limited size of the venue we will be manually approving requests as they come in and kindly ask for your understanding if we are over capacity.


This event is being organized and hosted by Steakhouse Financial Limited. Please take the time to review our disclaimers.