Chakra Balancing Gravity Yoga



This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

Event Information

Chakra balancing: The process of bringing the energy of the chakras to a well-functioning and balanced state, to help us find a sense of calm and focused intention, not only physically but also emotionally, at any given moment.

With this Chakra Balancing Gravity Yoga Series, ​I invite to explore the chakra system, and ways to become more present, more in tune with your physical and spiritual body, to reach your own place of centeredness and connectedness.

We will be balancing one chakra per week:

  1. Root

  2. Sacral

  3. Solar Plexus

  4. Heart

  5. Throat

  6. Third Eye

  7. Crown chakra

**Week 8 will see us balancing all 7 chakras together.

Props Needed:

  • ​Yoga blocks, or books

  • Knee padding, such as folded blanket or cushions

  • ​Strap, belt or non-elastic band

  • Bolster (you can make your own with pillows wrapped in a blanket)

  • ​Empty wall (sometimes)


  • Please make sure the camera is ON and placed away enough from the mat so I can see your full body during class.

  • Essential for Chakra Balancing work through yoga: Please make sure your phone is OFF or in Do Not Disturb mode so that there are no distractions whatsoever that might keep you away from fully connecting with your inner self.