Cover Image for CYBER FLANERIE I Sept 30 - Oct 1st  I Augmented Reality Promenade in the Tuileries Gardens (2 Day Event)

CYBER FLANERIE I Sept 30 - Oct 1st I Augmented Reality Promenade in the Tuileries Gardens (2 Day Event)

Hosted by Orion3000
Past Event
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About Event

This fall for its debut project, «Cyber Flânerie I», Orion3ooo invites ten international artists, to place their artworks on site-specific augmented reality locations. These locations are mapped from the Orion constellation and projected onto Earth, unveiling a legendary spot in the heart of Paris, le Jardin des Tuileries at the DRP Festival.

«Cyber Flânerie I», further unveils a concept of expanded realities. The AR artworks act as conduits, uncovering the intertwining relationship between the physical and digital worlds. They prompt us to question the boundaries between reality and the virtual as we engage with these creations. A fascinating hybrid future unfolds before us—one where distinctions vanish, leading to joyful, reflective, and speculative interactions with a broad and interconnected world. The artworks and their speculative, interactive approaches, illuminate the various links between our environment, humans, and machines, leading us to speculative futures beyond our imagination.

By using the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), accessible via smartphones, visitors can immerse themselves in interactive art pieces strewn across the garden. This experience allows them to not only admire the mesmerizing works but also share their encounters through photos and videos on their social networks.

We are embarking in a lyrical journey anchored on scientific findings, blurring fiction and reality, a web of interwoven stories about deeply personal impacts on our environment and the Humankind, representing diverse local and global, Western scientific and indigenous, human and non-human perspectives.

The project «Cyber Flânerie I» is hosted by Orion3ooo, which is an intrinsic part of Céline Shen’s ecosystem.