How to Write a Curated Newsletter with Logseq



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What processes do you run with Logseq? Join our community manager Ramses as he demos and explains how he uses Logseq to write the weekly curated Logseq newsletter. From collecting useful resources to publishing a 1,000-word piece, he will show you every step of his process.

If you write a newsletter for your job or hobby, this is a must-attend session. But the process will be useful even if you don't publish a newsletter; the steps that Ramses demos can be applied to many knowledge work processes. Whenever you have to output something based on information inputs, this session will be useful.

The following steps will be demoed:

  • Collecting resources (videos, articles, scripts)

  • Organizing blocks and branches using templates

  • Retrieving blocks and branches uses queries

  • Writing long-form in Logseq

  • Publishing from Logseq to Ghost

The core of Ramses' processes are templates and queries. If you've been wondering how to run processes using Logseq queries, this session will be a great inspiration.

This session will be recorded and published to our YouTube channel. Register if you want to attend live or receive the recording in your inbox.

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