Private Event

Lenny’s Newsletter Meetup in San Diego (with free drinks courtesy of Orb)

Hosted by Riya Shrestha & 3 others
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This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.
About Event

​This meetup is hosted by Jackrin & Vidit.

These meetups are hosted by members of Lenny’s Newsletter community, and are a great opportunity to meet new people, and have in-depth conversation about product and growth. There is a tab for free drinks (and sometimes food). Learn more at

​Drinks courtesy of Orb, the flexible usage-based billing engine for modern pricing. Experiment with pricing, accelerate revenue growth and build customer trust with Orb. Learn more and skip the line with code “Lenny” when you sign up here.

Harland - South Park
2953 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102, USA