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Side Project Sundays - Fall '23

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Berkeley, California
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About Event

Pull up to Side Project Sundays this semester to work on passion projects (literally anything you want) surrounded by other creatives and builders at Cal.


Anyone who has a passion project to work on! You're welcome even if you don't consider yourself a “creator,” are awkward (we are too!), or aren't sure what you'll be working on yet.


Your passion project can be anything—something you want to code, design, write, or build with your own two hands. Just make sure it's something you're genuinely excited about outside of school, campus clubs, and work.


  • The vibes are sure to be immaculate, so hopefully you'll make friends with other fun and interesting people

  • It's a fun, productive environment to stop procrastinating over your passion project

  • It's a great way to beat the academic blues

Ground Rules

  1. ​Act like a host, include people in conversations, talk to people even if they're strangers, offer to help out and clean up

  2. Most importantly, don't come to just network! If you're here to network we will be very sad. 😔

  3. Try not to ask people about their major, their classes, their year, or what school they go to—talk about your interests outside of academics!

See ya!

Grateful to the folks behind Socratica at UWaterloo for inspiring this :)