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How to turn your blog into a revenue channel with less content | 馃敶 LIVE Workshop

Hosted by Anna Moragli
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Blogging is dead, they say. Not quite.聽馃

But, randomly putting your thoughts online may have worked 10 years ago, but this kind of blogging will not work today and definitely won鈥檛 build you an audience.

You need to know what you are doing and have a system in place.

If you want to turn your client鈥檚 blog into a power wheel that generates recurring leads, then THIS is the content strategy to do it. 馃挜

We used this method to drive 250K Free clicks, 8645 NEW leads and 157 recurring revenue clients in a SaaS company in 12 months.

Last year, we worked with one of the most promising SaaS companies.

They had a huge blog. Gazzilion pages with no traffic.聽

12 months later, executing this strategy, we got +350% increase in monthly unique visits. 馃搱

That was only the beginning.聽Pretty amazing, right?!聽

Over this year, we learned an important lesson: you don鈥檛 need to write 20+ articles per month; you need to focus on a smaller niche instead.聽馃挜

This resulted in less leads but more qualified to buy the software we were promoting.

鈥嬧婲ow, I want you to have the same results for your business and even more.

The next magic workshop is here... A deep dive into the topic, followed by a Q&A session where you can ask anything you want.聽

[Workshop] How to turn your blog into a revenue channel with less content.聽

鈥嬧婦uring this exclusive 1-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • How to turn your blog posts into a monthly recurring lead gen tool and scale your business predictably.

  • What are the most important ranking factors to bring +350% traffic in your blog posts

  • How to avoid the mistakes beginners do and find out how companies such as Zapier, Hubspot and Canva and speed up their sales cycle through content.

  • How to become the go-to resource in your field of expertise and master the process of customer acquisition through targeted content marketing.

鈴 When: Tuesday 29th November, 4pm UK time

鈥嬧嬸煋 Where: Online @ Zoom

鈥嬧婸.s 鈥婯eep in mind that seats are limited, so register ASAP to reserve your place.

鈥嬧婰et鈥檚 share the SEO magic together!


See you there!



BUT WAIT鈥 there鈥檚 a catch! 馃崟

鈥嬧婽his is NOT your typical boring, free webinar.

鈥嬧媁e charge companies $12,000 to implement the strategies I'm going to be teaching.

鈥嬧婲o, we鈥檙e not ape-holes.

鈥嬧媁e wouldn鈥檛 charge you that much for a workshop.

鈥嬧婤ut it鈥檚 also not free either.

鈥嬧婤ecause we value our time, and we think you value yours equally as well.

鈥嬧媁e could be charging $650, and it would still be fair.

鈥嬧婫iven that you can offer everything you鈥檙e going to learn as a service for 2-3x that amount.

鈥嬧嬸煈 Hint: We know that many of you are going to do that, and it鈥檚 100% fine with us! 鉂わ笍

鈥嬧婬owever, since this is just the second Magic Workshop, and we鈥檙e counting on your opinion on how to get better, each participation costs just $13. Like 3 coffees, or even 2, if you drink Starbucks (like we do). 猸 馃挵

鈥嬧婭 can鈥檛 wait to see you inside!