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DTC - Morning Coffee Meetup

Hosted by Cole Shapiro
Past Event
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​Hi everyone!

The Alkeme team is excited to host you all again in Venice for good coffee and great conversations.

​With so many amazing brands, creators, and service providers in Los Angeles, we aim to help foster community and collaboration. We know that after a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is go out and talk more about work so we're switching things up a bit to start the day off by making new friends and business partnerships, and strengthening existing ones.

Special thanks to our good friends: Mike Gelb (Manufactured / VC Consumer) and Tim Shea (Lattice Work Insights) who have generously offered to pay for everyone's coffee.

​​​This monthly event is meant to bring people in the space together and foster connections. And, don’t feel pressure to have to show up every time. While we would love to see everyone at each meetup, we get that your lives are chaotic. That’s precisely why we launched this - to create consistency and community.

​Community, collaboration, coffee. The three C's of life!

​We look forward to seeing you!