Cover Image for Nature Journaling at Strawberry Hill (Golden Gate Park)
Cover Image for Nature Journaling at Strawberry Hill (Golden Gate Park)
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Nature Journaling at Strawberry Hill (Golden Gate Park)

Hosted by Gargi Chugh & SF Climate Week
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San Francisco, California
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Join us for a Nature Journaling Meetup at Strawberry Hill in San Francisco, hosted in partnership with Wild Wonder Foundation. Founded in 2022, the Wild Wonder Foundation is dedicated to encouraging nature connection and conservation through attention, curiosity, art, science, and community.

On the last day of Climate Week, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and discover the power of paying close attention to the environment. By observing and documenting the ecosystems around us, we deepen our understanding and connection to nature. This heightened awareness fosters a sense of stewardship, inspiring us to protect and conserve our precious natural world, especially in the face of climate change.

Strawberry Hill boasts one of the native coast live oak woodlands in the area, contributing to the park's biodiversity. Furthermore, it serves as an urban butterfly habitat, offering essential resources for various butterfly species. Restoration projects prioritize the preservation of native flora crucial for butterfly conservation, contributing to the protection of pollinators and overall ecosystem health.

No artistic skills required! Simply bring a notebook/sketchbook, a pen, and your curiosity. Join us as we celebrate the ecological richness of Strawberry Hill and explore its role in climate resilience and ecosystem restoration.

(Optional supplies to enhance your journaling experience - lightweight stool, binoculars, coloring/painting supplies)

Finding parking here can be challenging especially on a Saturday morning! Try to carpool or take public transport

A sliding scale donation of $5-$25 to Wild Wonder Foundation is recommended

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San Francisco, California
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