💛 L&D Happy Space Edition #2

Oct 6 (Wed), 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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L&D Happy Space edition #2: Engagement in Corporate Learning - How to design a learning experience your employees will love ♥️

When we create corporate training we are aware of the importance of learner engagement for a successful path. But what drives engagement, what not? How do we design a good learning experience journey and create a space where people love to learn? What strategies and principles lead to a motivating endeavor and create value for the company and the employee? How can we measure the impact of learning in the daily work environment?

Stefanie Quade shares insights of her experience as a Lead Organizational Strategist & Learning Designer of how to become a learning organization by applying principles & tools of corporate (social) learning.

This will be the topic of our second edition of the L&D Happy Space event.

What is L&D Happy Space?

L&D Happy Space is a monthly brainstorming event for learning and development professionals organized by Workademy.

Every month we select a challenge that L&D professionals experience in their daily work.

The main stage will belong to Olga and to a guest speaker. They will present the challenge and bootstrap the discussion in which everyone is welcome to participate. Who knows, maybe by the end of the session this particular challenge will be solved!

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