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Exploring Voice Biometrics Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies

Hosted by Matt Smallman & Modern Security Community
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Learn how Voice Biometrics can be vulnerable to fraudsters and what to do about it. Matt Smallman has more than a decade's experience implementing Voice Biometrics and has developed a framework for assessing the risks and ensuring they are effectively mitigated. In this presentation, he will cover:

  • Bypassing Voice Biometrics

  • Imposter enrollment and registration

  • False Accept Risks

  • Recordings, playback and presentation attacks

  • Synthetic Voices

  • Insider Threats

As time allows, Matt will also cover a range of mitigation approaches that might be considered.

This event is restricted to full community members to provide a relaxed and safe setting for members to ask questions and understand how these vulnerabilities might impact their operations.


🔒 To protect the privacy of participants and their employers, this is a private event restricted to representatives of end-user organisations evaluating, implementing or optimising modern customer security solutions. Please register using your work email address.


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