Cover Image for NY #TechWeek | 150+ Founders x Investors Dynamic Network 『MELT』
Cover Image for NY #TechWeek | 150+ Founders x Investors Dynamic Network 『MELT』
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Highly-selective founders and investors network.
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NY #TechWeek | 150+ Founders x Investors Dynamic Network 『MELT』

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New York, New York
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MELT will take place indoors, but we'll have access to the rooftop as well!

🚀Update: 2024/06/01 11:45(EST)

  • We have received 500+ registrations.

    • 80+ VC and Angel Investors

      • Ai, Fintech, Climate Tech, Gaming, Edtech, Proptech, Web3, AR/VR, Cybersecurity, Insurtech, Retailtech, SaaS, B2C, B2B, and Pre-seed to Series D stages

    • 300+ Founders/CEOs

      • 3 Series D companies

      • 2 Series C companies

      • 6 Series B companies

      • 35 Series A companies

      • 15 Pre-Series A companies

      • 106 Seed companies

      • 146 Pre-Seed companies

      • 26 Bootstrap companies

      • 50+ Executives

  • VC & Investors from

    • Finley


    • Frontier Ventures

    • TARMAC

    • Fantastocker INC

    • Biran Capital

    • Pario Ventures

    • Paytique Financial Group

    • wilelink inc

    • Valued

    • Enlightened Hospitality Invetsments

    • Protego Trust Bank

    • Xmartlabs

    • Mercer

    • seedlabs co / Harvard

    • Bayan AI

    • Wonderpack

    • StackedSP & Unstacked Startups

    • LendQA

    • Fingaroo

    • Brilliant Minds

    • Generous Ventures

    • Flyer One Venture

    • dotadda

    • J&T Ventures

    • Clockwork // 171 Ventures

    • Forum Ventures

    • Techstars

    • Trust Ventures

    • IA Capital Group

    • Tribeca Venture Partners

    • Alpha Square Group

    • J17 capital

    • Scope Ventures

    • State of Mind Ventures

    • Helene Ventures

    • Allianz Ventures

    • W Ventures

    • Matr (matter) Ventures

    • J&T Ventures

    • Sanctor Capital

    • Evolution

    • Maxitech

    • TenSquared Capital

    • CLNM Capital

    • BASE64 Capital

    • 615 vc

    • The Helm

    • The Collective

    • Sisu Ventures

    • Touring Capital | AI SaaS Fund

    • Helium-3 Ventures

    • 24|8 Capital

    • Ojas Capital

    • Tiktok

    • Alat (A PIF Company)

    • Bullpen Capital

    • Prudence

    • Cartography Capital

    • Presidio Ventures

    • Gama Global

    • Permira

    • Connecticut Innovations

    • Mighty Capital

    • Alpha Square Group

    • Partnership Fund for NYC

    • Rogue Women's Fund

    • Conscience VC

    • Fifth Wall

    • 500 Emerging Europe

  • more ...

💎 VIP Sponsored By

Bradley Kam

・Founded 2 companies Unstoppable Domains & Talkable
・Raised over $70M
・Unstoppable Domains recently raised $65M in a Series A round led by Pantera Capital, reaching a $1B valuation.

Please join his exclusive founders community if you have more than $300K in annual revenue. Since he has a huge network with top VCs, founders, and CEOs, it's definitely worth joining the community (Currently free)

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Aquibur (AKIB) Rahman

Founder of Mailmodo, has received funding from Sequoia and is an alum of Y Combinator S21.

"Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution enabling users to create and send app-like interactive emails to improve email conversions." He has successfully established Mailmodo, raised millions of dollars from top VCs. His deep market insight and talent for delivering the right strategy have been instrumental in the company's success.

If you need an email marketing tool by Mailmodo, please register here. Also, if you would like to connect with the founder of mailmodo at the event, feel free to DM me.


Nathan Stevenson

CEO and Founder of Forwardlane Inc, has been featured by Forbes, the World Economic Forum, and American Banker. He is the co-founder of 4 startups:

・Forwardlane (Present)
・HotelsByDay (2014)
・Matchpoint Music (2012)
・Strutt Film (2008).

"Forwardlane provides powerful personalized insights for financial services professionals." It's a fast-growing, award-winning AI wealth tech startup that enables proactive, personalized advisory and distribution through its advanced insights.


Rene Anziani & Leevar Williams

Founded by MIT alumni, APrime Technology is an elite team of experienced engineers, product managers, and data experts intent on helping startups build innovative products that matter.  Our customers operate in complex, data-driven, highly regulated industries such as quantitative finance, healthtech, fintech, and edtech.

To learn more about how we can build your company’s core product, help you scale, or fill gaps on your team with our specialized domain experts, reach out to us on LinkedIn or visit

On the 1st day of the NY Tech Week By a16z, where over 60,000 professionals gather from around the world, we have decided to hold this event at this momentous occasion.

We're bringing together an exclusive group of around 150 top-tier founders, spanning from pre-seed to Series A, alongside engaged VCs and angel investors.

1st MELT event ,  We brought in 1070 registrations from all over the world and carefully selected 300 founders and investors.

  • 10% Series A and above (Founders/C-levels)

  • 35% Seed (Founders/C-levels)

  • 40% Pre-seed (Founders/C-levels)

  • 10% Investors

  • Other

2nd MELT event, We brought in 420 registrations and carefully selected 170 founders and 30 investors. Most of founders had raised at least $1 million, had revenue of $1-$3 million, or had a previous successful exit.

  • 33 Series A and above (Founders/C-levels)

  • 133 Seed (Founders/C-levels)

  • 112 Pre-seed (Founders/C-levels)

  • 58 Investors( Tencent , Netease, Docomo Ventures, other VCs and Angel Investors)

  • Others 

Our vision for the event is to create an environment where the most innovative founders and investors from around the world become the best partners. 

【About the venue】
One of the most iconic rooftop lounges in NYC🗽(We use indoor space)
🚨If you know the address but are not approved, you cannot participate in the event.

You must be over 21, have official ID, and your registration must be approved.

This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.

Please register to see the exact location of this event.
New York, New York
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Presented by
Highly-selective founders and investors network.
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