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How to DAO it 3

Hosted by Peter Nobels & Maarten Smakman
Past Event
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Short description

Organize your community the web3 way

The DAO Hub facilitates “How to DAO it 3”, an event for people with an interest in, or a passion for self-managing communities. 

We turn the location ‘the NFT playground’ into ‘the DAO playground’ for a day. 

Part of ETHDAM week

Affiliated communities


Copernicus Beer

NFT Playground

University of Applied Science Utrecht

Wise Crowds


For whom

People with an interest in self-managing communities:

  • DAO-enthusiasts 

  • People working in SME’s especially startups in the Web3 space

  • Members of cooperatives, collectives, associations 

  • Anyone who is a member of whatever organization and is open to new ways of collaboration, governance, ownership and value distribution

  • Professionals specialized in governance, organizing and collaboration.

  • Students


By the community, for the community, of the community

Participate as organizer, presenter, host of a workshop,
and/or as (active) listener/participant

What to get

  • Knowledge sharing about DAOs

  • Meeting the experts, the front runners and like-minded people

  • Demos of DAO-mechanisms

  • Dialogs about pros & cons, possibilities, challenges

  • Relation building in the Dutch DAO/Web3 community

  • Getting the DAO community vibe!  

Long description

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) offer new ways of governance, collaboration and ownership. By the community, for the community, of the community. 

Gone are the days when organizations could turn people into mere paying customers. Today's world is all about building strong communities with a common mission where members rally around shared values and consume and contribute. And with Web3's help, DAOs do just that.

DAO-like we put the third edition of ‘How to DAO it’ in the hands of the attendees. You can participate in one or more roles: as organizer, as presenter, as host of a workshop, or just as (active) listener/participant. Learning by participating. Growing by sharing. Building valuable relations by interacting. 

"How to DAO it" as an experience. 

“How to DAO it 3” is supported by BCNL and the NFT playground. 

The DAO Hub

The DAO Hub is the leading community for DAOs in the Netherlands. The DAO Hub consists of members with backgrounds in a.o. law, economics, IT, governance, organizational science, and value chains; all Dutch and all experts in their discipline. The ambition of the DAO Hub is:

  • Making DAOs mainstream

  • Building a community of DAO enthusiasts

  • Getting the DAO vibe running

  • Becoming a DAO knowledge hub

  • Learning and experimenting together