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Preserving the Ecosystem: AI, Data and Algorithms

Hosted by Montreal AI Ethics Institute & Connor Wright
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The Montreal AI Ethics Institute is partnering with AI Policy Labs for a discussion on AI and the environment.

The discussion will span across how AI is being leveraged for a greener future. With the computational power required, such technology has the possibility to harm the environment, while also holding the key to innovation. Discussions surrounding this paradox through an environmental lens will be the mainstay of this meetup.

Our events use a flipped classroom model:

  1. You do the reading(s) before showing up to the event.

  2. When you show up, we split up into groups to discuss.

  3. Afterward, we reconvene to share our findings with the larger group.

The readings are as follows:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change: Opportunities, Considerations and Policy Levers to align with Climate Change Goals 

2. Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change: Supplementary Impact Report

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