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Learn How To Protect Yourself From Layoffs

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In the last couple of months, it’s seemed like more and more organizations are announcing a new set of layoffs every day. With investors believing that businesses have hit an inflexion point with a flattening growth trajectory and a harder to secure next round. As a result, businesses might start to feel like they’ve over-hired.

It can be worrying to think that, with all of this, your job might be on the line, especially amidst a post-pandemic recovery, where a lot of businesses are being tested, meaning new opportunities are less than guaranteed.

With the anxiety, it’s important to keep in mind two things, why these layoffs happen and the factors that affect them and learning to protect yourself in the short and long term.

But how do you start to improve your job security? In this workshop, Raj Kunkolienkar (Co-Founder, Stoa) will break down just that. At the end of this you will:

  1. Understand how macro-economics impacts hiring, layoffs and salaries

  2. Develop a strategy for yourself in the short term

  3. Learn how to judge the stability of a potential employer

  4. Learn to insulate yourself from swings in the job market