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Launchpad Partners Reflect

Hosted by Launchpad Partners & Jennifer Fisher
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About Event

​As inclusive faith leaders, we're faced with unique theological challenges, often with no colleagues to help.

​It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Once a month we'll gather to reflect theologically as leaders in our individual and shared context. With the support of our partners at Faith & Justice Network, we'll curate conversations around decolonization, power, bias, deconstruction and more through resources written by BIPOC, LGBTQ and women authors and speakers.

Content will coordinate with the monthly curriculum of Faith & Justice Network. When you sign up to join Launchpad Partners Reflect, you'll receive a discount code to subscribe to F&J's online platform for only $15 a month. This space is rich with content that will inspire your leadership and your spiritual life.

Each month, we'll pull one or two articles or topics from F&J's resources and post them here. If you'd like to read those resources before joining the call, you'll be glad you did, but if you don't have the capacity, you're welcome to show up and join the conversation anyway. The time will be curated so you can engage without any preparation.

Sign up for the whole year of sessions or drop in when it fits your schedule. We hope this time will become a sacred space for you to listen, learn and reflect as you grow in a supportive community with like-minded leaders.