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Best financial practices for early stage startups | Latitud Nights

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​Welcome to Latitud Nights! πŸŒ›

​After a chaotic couple of days following the SVB crisis, some of us were forced to learn how to navigate financial challenges the hard way.

​If there's one key takeaway we've all just had, it's that founders shouldn't f*ck around when it comes to their company's money – financial decisions can quite literally make or break you.

​Startups need to be financially resilient in order to survive, and the best way to set your business up for success is by embedding good financial practices into your routine from the very beginning.Β 

​If you have no idea where to start, this session on the do's and don'ts of managing your company's finances might just be what you need.

​Juan Manuel Barrero is the co-founder & CEO of Lazo, and he's been advising Latin American startups on their accounting and finance needs for over 12 years now.

Thomas Baldwin is an experienced investor, operator, and advisor who has dedicated his career to helping high-growth companies achieve outstanding long-term results.

​Join us for an evening packed with life-or-death lessons for your entrepreneurial journey. ✨


​What is Latitud Nights?
A space for any early-stage or aspiring founder to get tons of actionable insight on core topics related to building startups. We're starting off with monthly remote events, always with high-caliber speakers like Juan Manuel Barrero.

​Can anyone join?
Yes! It's also virtual and gluten-free, so you just need to hit that Register button.

​I already know everything about financial practices, when is the next Latitud Night?
You can sign up here to get updates about the next Latitud Night (plus some really cool content).

​Why is it called Latitud Nights if I'm in Mexico and it's only 4pm here?
Stop asking hard questions, Alberto. It's always 10pm somewhere.

​See you soon! πŸ€—