Cover Image for Latent Space: Final Frontiers
Cover Image for Latent Space: Final Frontiers
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San Francisco, California
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We're excited to host the second annual Latent Space demo day 🚀

Enough chatting with PDFs. Let's see some Science Fiction-level AI.

This year's theme is Final Frontiers: who are the teams and people pushing the boundaries of AI? We will have two broad topics, each of them has a research / startup competition with special judges. Feel free to apply to participate in any of them, and we will pick 3-5 for each category!

The Autonomous Workforce

How will AI change the way companies operate? How will AI agents and humans collaborate? How do we go from human-in-the-loop to fully autonomous applications?


  • Jerry Liu, co-founder of LlamaIndex

  • Michele Catasta, VP of AI at Replit

  • Neha Batra, VPE at Github

Beyond Transformers & GPUs

Are you building foundation models based on transformer alternatives? Are you re-imagining what parallel computing hardware looks like in the AI world? How can we get models to perform at the edge / in embodied products?


  • Ramine Roane, Corporate VP of AI at AMD

  • Priya Sethuraman, AI @ Autodesk, prev lead of AI Infra at Meta

  • Jay Dawani, Co-Founder of Lemurian Labs

Each category will feature a startup demos competing for a "best in track" title, and a special guest speaker.

If you're interested in presenting, let us know in the RSVP form!

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San Francisco, California