Cover Image for Unlocking Cardiac and Movement Data and Much More with Wearables in Health Research
Cover Image for Unlocking Cardiac and Movement Data and Much More with Wearables in Health Research
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Unlocking Cardiac and Movement Data and Much More with Wearables in Health Research

Hosted by Labfront
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About Event

Who is this for:

  • Researchers, professors, and scientists interested in using wearables for their studies

What it will cover:

  • The latest in ECG and IMU sensors

  • Wearables to streamline data collection and analysis for studies on human motion, cardiac health, and more

  • Practical applications, from gait analysis to heart health monitoring

  • [SPECIAL] Intro into Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) for training and exercise... from the lab and team that helped invent it!

Join us to see how these tools can support your research in a simple, effective way.

About the Speakers

​Dr. Andrew Ahn

​Dr. Andrew Ahn is an internal medicine physician with a background in physics/engineering and physiological signal analyses. He is the Chief Medical Officer at Labfront and an Assistant Professor in Medicine & Radiology at Harvard Medical School. He is also the co-director of the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (BIDMC/Harvard) and the medical lead on the XPRIZE-winning Dynamical Biomarkers Group team. Dr. Ahn is passionate about democratizing health sciences and exploring health from an anti-disciplinary perspective.

Terho Lahtinen

Terho Lahtinen has over 30 years of experience of wearable technology as an athlete and between 2000-21 in various roles at the Finnish sports watch manufacturer Suunto. Lahtinen is one of the initiators of the open Movesense sensor platform, which was originally developed by Suunto, but has since grown into an independent company. As the Head of Marketing at Movesense, Lahtinen coordinates the company's research collaboration and presence in the academic community.

​About the Hosts


​Labfront is dedicated to addressing the challenges in modern health science to contribute to a healthier future. The company is making a significant impact in academic health research with its code-free, integrated solution for research data collection and analysis. Founded by alumni of the Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (BIDMC/Harvard) and recipients of the Tricorder XPRIZE, Labfront provides analytics services to assist researchers in managing and interpreting the increasing volume of physiological data. 

​For more information, visit, or connect with Labfront on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Movesense is an open development environment for ECG, heart rate, and motion-sensing solutions. Developed and manufactured in Finland, its easy and innovative tools accelerate measuring and sensing applications across sports, well-being, healthcare, research and more. The sensor is available for white labeling to scale up research findings and successful concept projects to mass market with your own branding.

Learn more at, or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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