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GTM Panel: RevOps (Miro, Loom, ngrok)

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RevOps, although critical, is an evolving function. The definition varies from company to company...

"What does RevOps own?"

"What is RevOps responsible for?"

In more mature Product-Led Sales orgs, the questions tend to center around the complex challenges of balancing multiple pipelines.

"How do you keep GTM aligned when you've got inbound, outbound, self-serve, and sales-assist?"

To answer all of these questions, we turned to the experts who have led revenue teams at best-in-class PLG orgs.


Eugene Berson
Head of Sales Operations (Miro)

Will Waggenspack
Director of Business and Revenue Operations (Loom)

Amy Lin
Head of Revenue Operations (ngrok)

Alexandria Riggs
Director of Revenue Operations (Stealth)