Cover Image for Nostriches and Bitcoiners Meet up in Bali
Cover Image for Nostriches and Bitcoiners Meet up in Bali
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Nostriches and Bitcoiners Meet up in Bali

Hosted by YakiHonne
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Hello Bitcoin and Nostr enthusiasts,

If you're passionate about Bitcoin, Nostr, and decentralized media, we invite you to join YakiHonne for a Nostriches and Bitcoiners meetup in Bali on April 21th! We'll delve into discussions about the Nostr protocol, decentralized media platform YakiHonne, and how YakiHonne is building a decentralized media network for the Bitcoin community. This event welcomes everyone, whether you're from Kuala Lumpur or beyond. We're excited to have you with us.

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Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to participate in the Kuala Lumpur Nostriches and Bitcoiners meetup.

See you there!

About YakiHonne:

YakiHonne is a decentralized content platform based on Bitcoin and Nostr, dedicated to building an anti-censorship value media network. Through the YakiHonne client, users can easily engage in decentralized publishing, including various forms of content such as long articles, flash news, curation, videos, as well as anti-censorship review and Lightning Network payment functions.




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About the Meetup:

Nostr is a simple, open, and truly censorship-resistant global value transfer information release protocol. Developed by Bitcoin developers, it is hailed as an invention on par with Bitcoin and has become the primary decentralized media protocol in the Bitcoin community.

As one of the most popular decentralized media clients in the Nostr ecosystem, YakiHonne has consistently played a pivotal role as both advocate and practitioner in advancing the global Nostr community. Since the inaugural Asia Nostr gathering held at the Hong Kong Festival in April 2023, YakiHonne's "Connecting Nostriches and Bitcoiners" global initiative has spanned over 10 countries, including Hong Kong (April), Miami (May), Berlin (June), Beijing/Malaysia (July), Singapore (August), Nigeria/Spain (September), Istanbul/Bali (October), Tokyo (November), and Malta/Hong Kong (December).

This year, YakiHonne is once again launching the "Connecting Bullish Nostriches and Bitcoiners" global event plan, aiming to explore key developmental topics of Nostr, construct a global dissemination pathway for Nostr projects, unite Nostriches, thus creating an autonomous, diverse, and active Nostr global community. The event will span 5 continents, 16 countries, and 20+ cities, connecting over 5000 Nostr/Bitcoin builders. 🌍 Join us as a partner, volunteer, or donor.

Kajan Eatery
Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.6, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
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