What is it like to be a Customer Success Manager in Edtech? Go beyond the job description with Goalbook!



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This Event has ended. You can find a recording here - https://www.thezeit.co/educators-workshop-event

Have you heard of #EdTech and the possibilities out there?

EdTech is a booming industry that offers a variety of career options to folks who are already involved in the Education field. So ​if you’re an educator thinking of pivoting into Customer Success in Edtech, get ready to demystify those transferable skills and stand out from the crowd! 

Join our live interactive event with Goalbook, featuring a live Q&A session plus some fun trivia to better understand a day in the life of a #CustomerSuccessManager. 

Come ask our panel anything and see if this is the right pivot for your career change.

They'll cover:

--> What a customer success manager actually does

--> Strategies for pivoting into the space 

--> Tips for preparing yourself for success in this role

 If you're preparing for your pivot, you don't want to miss this! We'll be live on Thursday, March 10th @7:30pm EST.

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