VP Miguel Pinto Luz on Shared mobility and cycling: the experience of Cascais



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Welcome to the 8th episode of Season 11 of Productized Podcast. In this season, we are talking about the future of our cities. What if cities cared more about their digital products and services and treated their citizens like customers they want to retain? If the mayor would be the equivalent of the CEO, who would take the role of an eventual Chief Product Officer? More importantly, what transformations and improvements could this bring about for lives as citizens as a whole? This is the podcast where innovators, geeks, creators, and entrepreneurs, come to discuss impactful ideas.

In this episode, André talks to Miguel Pinto Luz. Miguel is the current Deputy Mayor of Cascais. Since 2005 he has held various public positions, both in central government as Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications in his hometown of Cascais. Miguel holds a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, and is currently teaching at the Nova School of Business and Economics. Miguel also has an MBA from AESE / IESE Business School (University of Navarra) and is currently developing a PhD in Leadership at Rotterdam School of Management. His research interests include public service motivation, servant leadership and public sector governance. Miguel is a resident columnist in one of the largest Portuguese daily newspapers. And every week he signs a rubric in a national radio station. He is frequently invited to comment on the main national media and national television networks. He has been developing a new vision for the future of cities and with successful cases already implemented in Cascais. He is internationally recognized for this work, being invited as a keynote speaker around the world on the topic of Smart Cities and the future of democracy.

We are looking forward to our special 100th Produtized podcast episode! We will talk about impressive mobility improvements in Cascais, the increase in cycling lanes, and people's response to that. Be sure to join our LIVE and engage in the discussion through your questions in the comments of the broadcast.
PRODUCTION This podcast is hosted by André Marquet, with research by Evelina Bogdiun and sound editing by Miguel Sousa.

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