Cover Image for Co.Lab Venture Pitch Day
Cover Image for Co.Lab Venture Pitch Day
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Co.Lab Venture Pitch Day

Hosted by RnDAO
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The second phase of the ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab is finally coming to an end!

We've been looking for a collaboration technology venture to deploy 50K ARB (courtesy of ArbitrumDAO) and join the RnDAO venture studio where they will receive $100k worth of swarm membership and $50k of hands-on support!

After reviewing an overwhelming response of more than 50 applications from promising collab tech ventures, we've selected the top 12 to pitch their ideas live before the judges make their final decision.

Join us, for the Co.Lab Venture Pitch Day, where the selected ventures will showcase their groundbreaking ideas and vie for a spot in the RnDAO venture building program.

This event is for:

  • Arbitrum and RnDAO members,

  • collaboration technology enthusiasts,

  • investors & mentors,

  • anyone interested in venture building and the future of work.

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Hosted By
63 Going