Cover Image for Financing- and investment options for the Clean Energy transition.
Cover Image for Financing- and investment options for the Clean Energy transition.

Financing- and investment options for the Clean Energy transition.

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Recognizing the significance of clean tech is pivotal in accelerating the energy transition and shaping a more sustainable future for our planet.
However, these solutions are hindered by limited funding options for sustainable companies. is committed to speeding up the sustainability transition by facilitating the right financial solutions for clean energy companies and democratizing investment opportunities. As an alternative investment solution, we connect entrepreneurs with investors and vice versa through our platform.

Founded in 2013, we now are the largest Dutch sustainable investment platform offering alternative finance solutions. We offer guidance, quick turnaround times and flexible terms & conditions, and developed a renowned sector expertise in the clean energy transition.

Over the past 10 years we've financed over 335 million euros and we are proud to be a network of more than 17.000 investors. We have helped over 278+ green projects and companies to grow.

Join our webinar to hear more about speeding up the transitions and the opportunities as a sustainable entpreneur or investor.

Date: Tuesday March 26
Time: 7:30-8:30 PM
Duration: 1 hour


• Welcome and opening by CEO Dennis Kromhout van der Meer.

• How accelerates the energy transition

• Cases: Marty Smits, founder Refurb battery and Sosimple:

Refurb battery won the Brabant Circular Innovation Award in 2023 and raised 1.15 million euros within 24 hours through Refurb battery supports the energy transition by developing circular battery storage systems and eliminating the increasing amount of li-ion waste.

Marty Smits is also the founder of Sosimple, whose mission is to make clean energy accessible and affordable for everyone and every company in South Africa. SoSimple does this via company roofs throughout South Africa. There are 50 installations live and 15 in development. raised more than 5 million for Sosimple.

• How to invest in clean tech energy solutions

• How to raise finance as an entrepreneur via

• Q&A Session

Moderation: Ilse Kwaaitaal, director Impact Hub Amsterdam. Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of a worldwide entrepreneurial network that focuses on scaling innovative sustainable solutions through connecting them to finance, knowledge and a valuable growth network.

Note: this event will be in Dutch.